Take Control of Your Product Quality

Every day thousands of happy users and companies rely on Qarma to improve their quality with exceptional inspections at every checkpoint in the quality journey.

App screens

An Inspection App Built Just To Improve Quality

Empower your teams, suppliers, and agencies with a quality toolkit in their pocket to help them perform standardized, faster, and more accurate inspections.

Fully Customizable Digital Checklists

Streamline your quality efforts with fully and easily customizable checklists to make life easier for your inspectors on the ground, QA team, and management.

Quality Communication Across The Globe

With 2,000,000 messages being sent through each month, we think QC stands for Quality Communication. Our app comes in 17 languages and has automatic translation built in for 108 languages.

Automate Your Inspections and Simplify Your Planning

Automatically turn your orders into inspections, plan and schedule inspections for your own teams, suppliers, and 3rd parties. Reschedule with a simple drag and drop.

Qarma’s QC tool is head and shoulders above other solutions, so going with Qarma was easy. It just works.

Ben Baker
Vice President of Global Sourcing

Qarma’s solution is simple to roll out, easy to use, and produces great results. What’s not to like about that?

Pernille Gabs Tirsgaard
Head of Quality & Customer Service

Qarma is an excellent tool to empower your QC team and improve relationships with suppliers.

Ebba Lo
Production Office Manager

Qarma brings us closer to a collective quality orientation even though we have a wide range of products.

Chris Vandenbrouck
Head of Global Sourcing & Quality

Manage Inspector, 3rd Party & External Supplier Access and Workflows

Enable everyone inside and outside your organization to benefit from Qarma. Set roles and groups and build custom workflows and notifications

Keep your Reports Safe, Accessible, Shareable, and Organized

Keep your reports where you need them. Get instant access to them wherever you are in the world. Automate export distribution or share them 1:1.

Actionable Analytics & Insights to Drive Improvement

Turn your data into actionable decisions and stay in control of your team and suppliers. Automatically pull out inspection and supplier data to your BI platform.