Frequently asked questions

General questions
What is Qarma?
Qarma is an easy-to-use QC, audit, and compliance application. Use Qarma to plan, inspect and report on quality findings and defects. With Qarma, staff across your company can perform and review inspection reports – all in real-time. Store and access all QC data in one central place.
Do I need to create inspections manually?
No. All your relevant orders and items are automatically imported into Qarma, and relevant inspections created according to your needs. No one needs to generate inspections manually. Search for a PO or item or use the built-in barcode scanner. Inspection flows, checklists, and notification flows are automatically applied based on the order details.
How do I access Qarma?
Qarma can be accessed online through any browser. Here you can search and review reports. Our QC App used by inspectors can be used on any smartphone or tablet. It works on both Android and iOS.
Does Qarma come in my language?
We are constantly adding new languages to Qarma. Currently the app is available in 17 different languages and has built-in translations for 108 languages.
Qarma settings and workflows
How do I plan an inspection?
You can plan and assign inspections through the online Qarma platform. There is both an optional booking module for suppliers to confirm inspection dates, as well as a calendar view to schedule and coordinate inspections.
Can I perform different types of inspections?
Qarma can be customized to include multiple inspection types and flows such as for example inline, final, container loading, warehouse, etc.
Can I create and edit checklists?
Yes. If you have the necessary user rights, you can create and edit checklists. You can modify individual lists including by adding text tables or multiple choice, making picture-taking mandatory, or attaching next-step instructions to a checkpoint.
Does Qarma support AQL or other sample methods?
Qarma can be configured to contain different sample methods, including AQL, based on the product type, supplier, inspection type, or other factors.
Can I make a combined inspections?
You can combine POs and SKUs into one inspection. This can be preset from the Qarma online platform as part of the planning. Inspectors can also do this directly from the app.
Can I split a combined inspection?
With Qarma, you can split a combined inspection if it needs adjustment. For example, you can add items to or delete items from the combination.
Can I split a shipment?
You can split a shipment according to the real production status. Afterentering the number of the first shipped products, Qarma automatically creates another inspection for the next shipment.
Can I work on multiple inspections at the same time?
Yes, you can have multiple inspections in progress at the same time. You are not limited by how many simultaneous inspections you are working on.
Can I book an inspection?
Yes, Qarma has a built-in module called “Booking”, which can be used to schedule inspection in collaboration with the suppliers/factories. Usually, suppliers use Qarma’s booking page to send requests for an inspection. This eliminates the need to send another email manually. You can, of course, also have any other staff book inspections.
Qarma QC App
Does the app work in offline and online modes?
The Qarma QC app works in both online and offline mode. If there is no signal, pictures are stored on the phone until you have a signal again.
Can I take pictures and videos?
Qarma supports both pictures and videos in High Resolution.
Can I upload pictures from my gallery?
All pictures need to be taken through the Qarma app. This ensures all pictures are taken live and not reused from a previous production.
Are pictures and videos taken in high resolution?
Yes, the resolution is 1600x1200 pixels.
Are there any limitations on picture uploads?
No. Please take as many pictures and videos as you want. It is the language of quality.
Can I make annotations on a picture?
From the app, inspectors can add comments and annotations to a picture.
Can I share a picture instantly from the app?
Yes. Qarma allows inspectors to instantly share a picture from the app through your preferred channels such as Messenger, email, WhatsApp,Slack, Teams, or other instant apps.
I ran out of time today. Can I continue my inspection tomorrow?
The inspection can be in progress for as long as needed. There is no time limitation, and all collected data is stored in the Qarma app until submission.
Report review
How do I receive and access a report?
Depending on your role, you will receive an email with a link to the report. If you are an external partner or have limited access to Qarma, you may receive it as a PDF or have online access to that specific report.
Can I search for a report?
You can always access a report from the Qarma online platform by searching by PO or SKU or using customized filters.
How do I share a report internally?
You add a user to a report, and they will receive an email notification with a link to the report (no more CC and BCC reports by email ).
Can I have the report in PDF or Word?
You can always download a report as a PDF or Wordfile. All pictures and videos are included in the PDF/Word version. If you click on the picture, you can access a high-resolution version. You can also leave out comments whendownloading a report in case those comments are for internal use only.
Can I comment on a report?
Yes, it is possible to comment on the report either overall or related to individual checkpoints or pictures. All comments and changes to a report will be logged so that you can see the document history.
Can I change the status of a report?
Depending on your role and the review/approval flow, you can change the status of a report. It will clearly show the status history, and a notification will be sent to the involved users.
Does Qarma support follow-up tasks?
You can assign follow-up tasks on each report with a description or attachment for more detailed information.
Can I request a re-inspection?
You can create a re-inspection from the report page on the online platform. It will be shown as a new inspection next to the previous inspection.
Can I access statistics and set specific KPIs?
Qarma offers a built-in analytics dashboard and integration with BI tools like for example Microsoft Power BI for more detailed reporting.
Training & Support
Will we receive training?
We will design a training and onboarding plan as part of the onboarding. So everyone will receive training – no one will be left behind.
When can I find additional support?
Inside the platform and App we offer a wide range of support guidelines, articles and training videos.
How to contact Qarma for support?
From the app, you can contact support through WeChatand WhatsApp. You can also email Qarma at