Enhanced QC vs. Standard QC [Comparison Sheet]

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In its purest form, quality control began in the medieval guilds of Europe. Here craftsmen developed the first rules for product quality and gave their physical inspection marks as stamp of approval of quality.

A lot has changed since then. From the Industrial Revolution Factory System, The Taylor system, to today's Quality 4.0 framework and technologies.

QC = Quality Capture & Quality Communication

At Qarma we have created a simple quality app that enables brands and suppliers to efficiently plan, perform, report and evaluate on their QC activities.

Our "secret sauce" is combining the three core pillars of quality 4.0 (people, process, technology) in a simple app that empowers the people with the right tools, standardizes and automates processes, and uses smart technology to bring it all together.

This allows inspectors to capture and communicate findings, defects, and feedback to superiors and headquarters in real-time enabling companies to learn, react, and improve their QA operations using insights and benchmarks from all of their suppliers and inspectors.

We call this "Enhanced Quality Control" 👇.

Introducing Enhanced Quality Control

We've compiled a comparison chart of the differences between the new enhanced and digital way of QC vs. the traditional quality control process.

We're the first to admit, we're biased ,which we fully acknowledge, but that doesn't make us incorrect. Of course not all inspections are done with pen and paper, but the overall process is highly cumbersome and takes a lot of manual work and patchwork to send out a report.

enhanced QC vs standard QC comparison

Benefits of Enhanced Quality Control

Again bias may strike but each of the items below present an added value to each inspection. Add them all together and this value can directly be related to major improvements throughout the quality management process; resulting in tangible business outcomes.

benefits of enhanced quality control

So how do I get started with enhanced inspections?

We love helping companies succeed with their quality operations all the way from the factory floor to their HQ.

We do this by understanding your business and desired outcomes and enable you with our experience and simple software tools.

Feel free to request a demo of our platform to learn how Qarma and our enhanced inspections can help you succeed with quality in the 21st century.

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