FabFitFun Onboards +200 Users in 4 Weeks to Improve Quality

Streamlining quality management and processes needed from rapidly increasing demand
Connecting quality control throughout their supply chain from production to warehouse
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Company Overview

Founded in 2010 by Co-CEOs Daniel and Michael Broukhim and Editor-in-Chief Katie Rosen Kitchens, FabFitFun is a lifestyle membership whose mission is to deliver happiness and wellbeing to everyone, everywhere. Its flagship product, the FabFitFun Box, delivers a curated collection of full-size products across beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness, home, and tech – each season.

Subscribers numbers growing to seven digits over 10 years does not come without challenges. For one thing, explosive growth on the scale that FabFitFun achieved in a few years requires updating internal processes and systems. That also goes for quality control, where FabFitFun prides itself on maintaining extremely high product quality KPIs.

Outgrowing and outdated quality control program

When Alyse Guercia, Senior Manager of Quality & Compliance at FabFitFun, joined the company in 2018, one of the first tasks at hand was to expand the quality control program. The quality control team in LA and throughout Asia quickly grew; as did the need for integrating its own, full-coverage QC platform.

“We wanted to have all of our quality management data in one source and streamline the way it could then be used to create insights and address possible pain points,”

- Alyse Guercia, Senior Manager of Quality & Compliance

Furthermore, the company needed to maintain quality and streamline throughout the QC process, as it ships more than 2 million boxes of a relatively small product range to its customers across the world each quarter.

Going with an adaptable and quality-driven solution

Alyse Guercia and the team at FabFitFun went through a research process and identified Qarma as the best solution. The main reasons included Qarma’s ease-of-use, intuitive interface and data capabilities. The latter includes the ability for clients to integrate data into the analysis platform of their choice to generate visual, actionable insights.

“Other platforms tend to be more old-school and complicated. Qarma is more in line with who we are as a company – young, adaptable, and quality-driven,” Alyse says.

Matching global ambitions with global teams

FabFitFun has global ambitions and a matching setup. Expanding the ability to connect quality control with the entire value chain, including customers, buyers, inspectors, and suppliers, was another deciding factor for choosing Qarma. Putting pictures and notifications front and centre in the QC process, instead of time-consuming emails and reports, is part of how Qarma provides a foundation for cross-supply chain quality control.

FabFitFun also wanted a solution which could work with different types of hardware, preferably existing equipment. Thanks to close cooperation with Qarma, the company’s US receiving warehouse now has more than 50 inspectors using iPads to perform QC. Overseas, QC teams are using Qarma-recommended hardware to perform QC. In total, more than 200 users have been onboarded within a short time.


One of the things Alyse Guercia points to as an important success factor is the fast and smooth onboarding of both Qarma’s solution and users. With a contract starting in February, everything was up and running across the board within a month. It was a smooth transition that included both the data and organisational aspects. The two companies were in close dialogue through the process and worked together to integrate existing systems and QC setup with Qarma’s technology.

Qarma’s communications platform has proven especially helpful and critical to internal business communication – even more because of people working remotely, which can often lead to cross-functional and cross-departmental challenges.

“Communication is not about checking the products and deciding if they live up to our standards. It is about having ongoing communication throughout the production process and being able to share insights and working together to further best practices"

FabFitFun is further planning to use data from Qarma’s systems to drive further improvements and roll out a full implementation across the entire supply chain.