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One place for all your QC data

Keep your reports where you need them. Get instant access wherever you are in the world. Automate export distribution or share. Act on data.

Planning & Scheduling

Automatically turn your orders into inspections, plan and schedule inspections for your own teams, suppliers, and 3rd parties. Reschedule with a simple drag and drop.

Real-Time Communication

Empower your teams and suppliers with next-level communication, get instant feedback, and break down language barriers with built-in automated translation.​

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Provide Inspectors With The Tools They Need to Succeed

Automatically turn your orders into inspections

All orders will automatic be imported as inspections in Qarma. No time spend planning and manually creating inspections in the system.​
Easy to Use App for Inspectors
Save, schedule, and automate inspection reports
Works directly on top of your current setup

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